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 Canaccord Genuity Corp.

Established Dentists

You made it through the first few years! You have your debt under control and you are building your patient list. So now what? If you do not have a comprehensive plan to create the future you want, then now is the time to develop one. Whether you have a major life event on the horizon (home purchase, marriage, children) or a major professional event (buying a practice, a building, renovating your practice), you want to continue to build on what you have already worked hard to create. Our network can assist you to:

  • create a retirement plan
  • budget for and finance major purchases 
  • set goals, both personally and professionally
  • minimize taxes
  • manage your risk
  • buy a practice (if applicable)
  • structure your business properly
  • make practice management decisions

If you don't yet have a plan, you need to address it now to have the retirement you have always dreamed of. If you are not a "Connected Dentist" yet, you may be spending too much time running your business. Our systematic process allows us to determine what is important to you so we can create a 360° profile to suit your specific situation. That is a service we offer every dentist that we work with, regardless of whether we work with our network or yours. So don't wait....get the benefit of becoming "Connected" today!

Our "Connected" Network

Our network is comprised of a number of professionals who deal with dentists on a regular basis. They have experience in dealing with the issues that affect you, and can help you avoid many common mistakes and pitfalls they have seen in the past. While every professional may not be required by every dentist, you can see it illustrates how we "Connect" to provide you with the best solutions to meet your individual needs. 

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